We are taking the most revolutionary technology of our generation to the next level.

Cryptocurrency is a next generation investing platform that millions enjoy more than stocks. It represents over 220 Billion dollar market. It is traded globally on sleepless markets. With the increased amount of newcomers to the market and people need to have the tools to read the market and the understanding on how to do so. The largest wall that stands between investors and cryptocurrency is education. Pure Investments provides a community experience and encourages learning finance and cryptocurrency through an easy to use platform. From the novice trader to the experienced marketeer, we offer features for all skill levels to utilize, and an active community to learn alongside.
  • Active community of traders
  • Spot on market analysis
  • Staff team of industry professionals
  • Insight on news in cryptosphere
  • Mentorship by crypto experts
  • Daily educational seminars

Premium Features You Can Look Forward To

  • Learn how to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and thousands of other cryptocurrencies.
  • Complete access to a constantly active prestigious trading community.
  • Daily technical and fundamental analysis lessons by crypto professionals.
  • Complete access to an 8 member staff team full of industry professionals.
  • Insight on recent and upcoming news and events in the cryptosphere.
  • Professional technical analysis on coin trends and price behavior.
  • Profitable market analysis by our dedicated staff team

Our Team of Industry Professionals

Never hesitate to contact us with questions!
team member
Zeke Tierkel

Alongside Miles, Zeke founded Pure Investments in August of 2017. He has been trading cryptocurrencies for over two years, and has been following them since early 2013.

team member
Miles Black

Alongside Zeke, Miles founded Pure Investments in August of 2017. He has been trading cryptocurrencies for years, and has a drive for entrepreneurship.

team member
Director of Operations
Mike Wolf

Mike is a serial entrepreneur with a rabid work ethic. He loves new technology and has been researching cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology since bitcoin was worth mere pennies.

team member
Marketing Manager
Brett Krueger

Brett has been with Pure Investments since the beginning, helping out wherever possible. He runs our social media outlets, as well our blog. He is a brilliant programmer and loves cryptocurrencies.

team member
Senior Technical Analyst
Bowen Keller

Bowen began his trading career not too long ago, but has been following cryptocurrencies for quite awhile. He has a deep knowledge of the tech, and is a master chartist.

team member
Technical Analyst
Kyle Bussard

Kyle joined Pure the Investments team after being an active and stand-out member of the community. To the table, he brings both technical and fundamental analysis skills which he has learned over his stellar trading career.